Sunday, 10 December 2017

Lessons form Abdul Kamam' s Agni Project

My Dear Students,
Today, I am writing for my Fisrt year students.
In our life we affraid when we get failure again and again. Now, learn the lessons form Abdul Kalam's life

All the best

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

TED- EDUCATION- What happens when you have a concussion? - Clifford Robbins


I saw your comments regarding TED- Education activity and I am very happy that you like to study new approaches. Here, I am sharing one more lesson which is related to 'What happens when you have a concussion?'

Watch, Enjoy and comment here.

Now , I hope that you are familiar with steps.

All the best !

link of the lesson is :

TED- EDUCATION- Solving Big Problems Bill Gates English Sub

Dear Students!

I hope you all are enjoying and learning with various new technological tools. Today, I feel very happy to share that in my previous class with, division - B, you all were involve to listen the video clip title- Solving Big Problems by Bill Gates. In class you all reviewed the video and later part of class I asked you some questions where few students responded me. Here, I am sending you a link where you are required to click the link

2.     click on option - THINK- 
3.     First it will ask you your name 
4.     Afterwards, you are required to answer the question one by one and submit. 
5. Comment on blog once you complete the task 


Note: If you find any problem we will discuss in our regular class 


STUDENTS! Well done! First Year Students! Almost all of you have submitted your assignment on the decided submiss...