Monday, 6 January 2014



Your waits End.I am very happy that many of you have started to work on project.The thing which I like the most is you all are taking appreciative interest in your project.All the best my lovely students

Here, I am uploading your guidelines for project. 

SEM-VI [2013-2014]

1.      This project work is assigned in group of five students only.
2.       Each member of the group has to participate actively.
3.     The group is supposed to prepare project under the title of ‘Presentation Skills’ which has been allotted by the respective faculty.
4.   All the groups have to submit the hard-copy of the project to the concerning faculty and soft copy via e-mail on the date of submission
5.   Students need to capture video of the respected place minimum 4 minutes and maximum 5 minutes. This important to notice that while recoding the video all students are equally participated. The medium of communication is only ENGLISH language.
6.  Students require capturing minimum 5 and maximum 7 snaps during the presentation.  There should be a group photo of all the project members.
7.      Each group need to present their project in their respective class. Moreover, each group will have minimum 7 minutes and maximum 10 minutes time to present their project.  
8.      Those who need to show permission letter they may contact concern faculty.
9.      Projects will be starting to collect after 15th January, 2013.
10.  The more details regarding project subtitles and submission dates are updated on blog. The link of the blog is

 leave your problem and query related to project as a form comment.


  1. Mam aap project ke video ka demo dikhane vale the na?

  2. our project title no. 88 ,in vidhansabha photos and video not allow so, what we should do ? Tell u

  3. Project no. 94
    Thank You mam for your guide line and suggestion...:-)


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