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67th Independence Day of India Wishes: 15 August 2013

67th Independence Day of India Wishes: 15 August 2013

Yes, we all Indians are going to celebrate our Independence Day on 15th August. This was the day when India was freed from the British Rule. Everyone celebrates this day as per their wish. Is this called independence?

Children have a different perspective. They like this day because they get sweets and holiday after flag hoisting in their schools.

Families and friends meet and have dinner together or go out to have fun and enjoyment that day. Almost all movie channels entertain their viewers with old and new patriotic movies and classics.

People celebrate this auspicious and significant day in their own way.
There was a time when Indians were not aware of the problems going on in the country and the society. But today, the younger generation of India has come forward and many raise their voice against the drawbacks of the society. 

Thousands laid down their lives so that our country is breathing this day

Never forget their sacrifice…

Happy Independence Day.

I would like to know how you will celebrate this day ?

I eager to know your independent thoughts .


  1. Independence is nothing but it is a freedom from our own mind.We are living in 21st century but still we only believe in 18th n 19th century.
    The only thing that we have to do is to free our own mind, country will automatically change.

  2. Very true. But country get mentally independence when some of the population will start to think like you.

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