Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Reading should be your choice

Today there is a programme for our college students named “ Vachan Shibir”. Here I am sharing some of the significant visions of speaker during first session on reading.
·         Gandhiji is not history but his work gives life to us.
·         He advised to read the most inspiring book written by Leo Tolstoy, “What Must be do then?” because it bestows  us depth knowledge regarding realistic approach of life.
·         One should need to talk with book.

Apart from these he has suggested to read some books.
·         Dharti ni aarti- an inspirational book.
·         Pratimao ane bhankara – gives an idea about creativity.
·         Mansiyana diva
·         Ramayan ni anataryatra
·         Safari- science and mathematics

Moreover, personally I feel very realistic speaker and share live thoughts by hearts.
Here I request to students will you share me your favorite book’s name with its author name?


  1. Autobiography of gandhiji,
    By mohandas karanchand gandhi
    Manvini bhavai,
    By pannalal patel

  2. Very nice...
    Experiment of Truth is the title of autobiography.
    Keep reading.
    All the best

  3. Im aten this programme
    good programme

    1. I have attended the workshop.
      All the best

  4. Yes, It was good.
    But improve your grammar.
    I have attended the programme.
    And you must know " Practice make man Perfect".Do well

  5. Wings of fire
    By Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

  6. Chicken soup for Indian soul is one of my favorite.
    By Various.
    The dairy of a Young Girl;
    By Anne Frank.
    Vahli Astha;
    By Kajal Oza Vaidya.

  7. Yes..Dhruv & Dhanshree.. you are reading good books. Keep on reading and try to digest in your life too.

  8. You can win(shiv khera)
    prerna nu zarnu(jitendra adhiya)
    the greatness guide(Robin sharma) amazing books i have read

  9. Mam can you please tell me who is the author of "Romancing with Life" that you have read...??

  10. Yes Of course, I read it. It is biography of Shri Devanand.


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