Wednesday, 24 July 2013


G.K. Chesterton

Today I taught a lesson named, 'The Worship of the Wealthy' by Gilbert Keith Chesterton, KCSG better known as G.K. Chesterton, was an English writer. He wrote on philosophy, ontology, poetry, plays, journalism, public lectures and debates, literary and art criticism etc...
As a part of classroom activity many students of my college shared their views on, ‘Money is everything’ OR ‘Money is not everything’ via debate.
Here I am sharing my views on it. Nowadays money becomes the expensive part in various relationships. I would like to say that in the modern-capitalism world generally,
  • Friends come around you when your financial status is high,
  • Love gets nearer when you have enough money to please him not enough time,
  • Marriage happens when your parents’ background is decidedly reached/ reached and society and
  • your children respects you when you have pecuniary independence.
So Money Cast everything………
Money can buy control/ Power
Money can buy fame
Money can buy time
Sometime money can buy a life.
So, money has become the first common goal for everybody, and the days are not too far when emotions, feelings, ethics, moral, are nothing. You win the world when you have ample money.
"Love is a feeling. It needs material support to become real, solid and lasting."
You all are welcome to share your views. 


  1. Money can't buy behavior, morale, willpower, culture, and many more things...

  2. Absolutely correct.
    Person should know the value of money but after having money person can't start other to his/her value.

  3. Money is nt evrythng bt money is essential thing.!

  4. Good. Rukhar ... please avoid SMS language on blog

    1. Oh ok..sorry time i'll keep in mind

  5. and most disadvantage of money
    If u have a not enough money then you did't take higher education.


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