Wednesday, 13 February 2013

"Read, Think, and Explain- COMPREHENSION


Comprehension questions test you on your ability to recall and understand what you read in a passage

  • Read the whole passage once before you answer any of the questions.
  • You are allowed to go back and read the passages as many times as you want to. Read them carefully.
  • Be careful not to leave marks around the answer bubbles. Try to fill them in neatly.
  • When you answer the "Read, Think, and Explain" questions, think and organize what you want to say before writing down your ideas.
  • Write your short and long answers neatly so that anyone can read them.
  • After you read the passage, first answer the questions you know. Skip the ones that are too hard and go back later.
  • Do not worry if you do not know the answers to questions. Keep going! Partial credit is given for "Read, Think, and Explain" questions, so write whatever you know.
  • If there is time, go back and make sure that you are giving the best possible answer for each question.

you may click the below mentioned link for practice.


  1. Actually madam its first time when i came to know that there is also a method to solve the comprehension.

  2. Good. very less mistakes. Here is my suggested line.

    Actually Madam, It is the first time I came to know the technique to crack the comprehension.

  3. Mam, that advertisment is vivo v7


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