Thursday, 31 January 2013

Way to do Apostrophes

Here are the words where one can add the apostrophes proper way.

1. I would love to say Killer.                                      I'd love to say Killer. [WOULD]
2. He had never tried.                                                He'd never tried.[HAD]
3. Mr.Patel is from Puna.                                           He's from Puna.[ IS VERB 'TO BE']
4. That is my friend.                                                   That's my friend.
5. Jigar has got the prize.                                            He's got the prize.
6. There is a mistake.                                                 There's mistake.


  1. I come to know all the sentence very easy.....!!!

  2. Really, good improvement.
    Still would like to make it more communicative.

    After reading all sentences I came to know all the sentences very relaxed way.


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