Saturday, 26 January 2013

Story - Bee & Spider

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Story Bee & Spider

One day Bee is talking to spider…………..
Bee    : Hi! Spider! How are you?                
Spider         : Hello….I am fine…What about you?
Bee    : Good. Just came from holidays.
Spider : Where you spent your holidays?
Bee    :  Goa!!!!!!
Spider : Wow….. Lovely
Bee    : What a beautiful house you have?
           You have built it yourself? Where have you got that fascinating thread?
Spider : I spin the thread out of my body. I have built numbers of houses like this. I can go on producing thread till the moment of my death.
Bee    : How Strange! Would you please explain how you build your house?
Spider : Surely. I shall be very pleased to let you know the technique in detail. Please come in and have a cup of tea.
Bee    : I am not too stupid to be deceived by you. Your plan is to trap me in your sticky web   and make a fine meal of me. Don’t you?

You Spider!!!! webs to capture innocent insects and make short work of them…

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  1. very nice'm
    have a lovely'm

  2. Elaborate it in detail.
    Am imaginary story has been written by you is nice.
    It presents as a pleasant way.
    m'am should be write as M'am.



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