Picture, fun and learning.

Now try to write what this pictures want to tell. Though you all know, " One picture is worth a thousand words"
I will await for you comments.


  1. petrol price is goes up n up daily.
    gold price is up & down daily.
    vegetable price is high.
    phone electricity bill's comes high then previuos bill.
    and my salary is not enough to take this burden.

    1. Very Nice. you have described the picture with proper wordings.
      BE careful for capital letters

  2. It shows that price of essential goods is increasing like this animal's speed but speed of increasing income of commen man is very slow

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello,It is my gentle request that please don't write thank you and so.. because it is for English learning. Yes, you may send that message to my email id. I hope so you will take it positively.

  3. It shows that we are not good enough to catch the price which are increasing day by day in our economy which are very much important for us.It is like burden of our body that we can't handle.

  4. Wow.... Very good vision to see the picture and perfect vocabularies has been used by you. You have improved your spellings and grammar too.Keep it up.


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