OHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Spellings Errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Improve Spelling)

Improve Spelling
Many of us have question that how one can improve spelling?

Based on the National Curriculum for English study, the most common errors fall roughly into the following categories:
·         20% omission, leaving out letters or parts of words that should have been included, for example "acknowledgment"
·         6% endings, errors with suffixes such as –ful or –ly
·         28% sound-based with homophonic words substituted for each other, such as "I didn't no the correct spelling."
·         42% miscellaneous errors such as inverting letters ("relief"), doubling consonants, or dividing words incorrectly.

Spelling errors are divided into two categories:
1.     Plausible –
2.     Implausible
Here, I am distinguished between two:
Plausible errors imply that the person knew the correct word and was applying some known rule of lexicon to it in order to attempt the correct spelling.
Implausible errors follow no particular pattern; they may simply be due to a mistyped word or a random guess on the part of the person.
Strategies to improve spellings:
1.     Using spelling tools: To use electronic tools.
2.     Target the errors:  As "I before E except after C" will provide a starting                                 point to keep it from happening again.
3.     Identifying patterns:
4.     Etymological study:

Improve the following spellings.

1.                Prestigeous
2.                Entreprenuore
3.                Dutyes
4.                Lyieng
5.                busyly


  1. I will try to write correct words....
    Thank you maam.


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