“All great speakers were bad speakers at first”

According to R.W. Emerson “All great speakers were bad speakers at first”

Nowadays some of the people have baseless fear, negative thinking of forgetting something or people may laugh at them…makes them nervous to speak among many. 

But in the modern wall to speak among many people become essential so one should keep mind the following points


  1. Yes mam its true and I feel proud to be the part of the workshop

  2. Thank you Yeltsin
    Yes M'am,
    I am agree with Emerson.
    No other mistake..Good Keep it up

  3. Well posted madam,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    have a nice day

  4. Thats reality..i often observe ths around my wrld..

  5. Good
    That's reality. I often observe this around my world.


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